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Witchcraft and Spells
Welcome to Witchcraft and Spells, this is a sample of what I offer.  Please look on the site for more of my listings.
Witchcraft and Spells 344
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, West Midlands, Birmingham
Elgan Brujeria
Welcome to my new store on bMysitcI have 30+ years in the art of magick, and mainly I study the arts of the old ways.  Plus Greek, Norse, Germanic and Viking magickal castings.When purchasing castings there will be a binding that you will need to do. ...
ElganBrujeria 56
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Breconshire, Conwy
Egyptian Spell Castings and Healing
Hello my name is Constance and I practice the art of Egyptian Magick and Healing, I have been casting for over 25 years and I am always here to help.Love & LightConstance
Constance 86
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Cornwall, Cornwall
Enchanted Astrology
Hello my name is Alice and I have been using Astrology in all of my spell castings and readings for many years.Zodiac signs and planetary positions are very important whilst spell casting and when done at the right time it can increase results and the tim ...
EnchantedAstrology 2
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Norfolk, Norwich


Witchcraft and Spells 344
Comes with 1 Magickal Spell Infused Candle, Ring inside
GBP 9.99
Witchcraft and Spells 344
Each fish has an extensive list of symbolic properties and individual traits unique to it. However, there are several general interpretations that apply to the species in general, such as a sense of eternity, fertility, joy, changes and knowledge, to name just a few. To fully comprehend the symbolic meanings of the fish, though, we must first understand the strong implications of water.The Fish animal totem allow us to connect with water, the most creative and mysterious element of our world. Si...
GBP 19.99