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Welcome to our bMystic store for bespoke products

bMystic (14 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, West Midlands

From oils to candles, clocks and bath salts we have numerous items in our store.Unfortunately due to postage restrictions we can only send out 'liquids' to the UK not Worldwide.But everything else we have listed is worldwide shipping

takeapeak (112 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Warwickshire
Knitting and Stitching

Knitting, Crochet + more

Knitting and Stitching (2 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Warwickshire
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Fairies, birdhouses, pretty flowers

LilyMay (0)
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Hampshire
Mother Pumpkins Magical Poppets

I specialise in Traditional or Bespoke magical Poppets handmade to your request.  I also make Lucky Black cats, Spiral Goddess alter decorations, spell kits and Sabbat offering bags, mini crystal pendulums, mini besoms, pagan earring, and other fun pagan ...

MotherPumpkin1 (0)
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Wiltshire
Enchanted Homes

Make your home Magickal with items from our Store

EnchantedHomes (0)
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, West Midlands

Damn Fine Natural Skincare

PippaPorcupine (1 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Derbyshire
Jane Elizabeth Confectionery

We are a small family business established in 1989.we make our fudge from the finest raw ingredients.we are able to make almost any variety of fudge our customers require , and can supply retail and wholeseale customers alike.we have won several awards o ...

Janewood46 (1 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Dorset
Aqua Bay Gifts

Personalised & Custom made

United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Antrim
Wild Irises Boutique

A lover of nature, hiking, and tea. All animal parts have been found in nature by me unless otherwise stated. My work has been featured at the Bon Mojo Boutique.

Wildirises (0)
United States, Maryland
New House Cottage Creations

I make items out of resin and real flowers. I can personalise items with pet hair and ashes. I will treat your items with respect and any hair or ashes that I don't use I will send back with your completed order. Items can take up to two weeks to complete ...

NewHouseCottageCreations (0)
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Herefordshire
Shanzi UK

Everything on Shanzi UK is made from natural and herbal ingredients.Suitable for vegans.Cruelty Free.Made in the UK.Any questions, please do message me. I am always happy to help.

Shanzi-UK (2 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Essex
Spellbound Creations

WitchyWoman35 (0)
United States, Washington

Welcome!As an Indigo Scout & Reiki Master I would like to share my vibes with all beings by creating handmade jewelry pieces energized with Reiki healings. Namaste!

KristyGale26 (0)
United States, New York
Enchanted Astrology

Hello my name is Alice and I have been using Astrology in all of my spell castings and readings for many years.Zodiac signs and planetary positions are very important whilst spell casting and when done at the right time it can increase results and the tim ...

EnchantedAstrology (2 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Norfolk
Manic Gothic

Our aim is to create a wonderful showcase of Gothic and Steampunk images, so we are able to offer you an alternative range of greeting cards alongside other products that will excite the many followers. We have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful, ...

Manicgothic (0)
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Wiltshire
Sacred trees crystals

Everything made with wire and semi precious beads Trees of life, dream catchers, tree of life wall hangers, jewellery Box frames with trees of life dream catchers 

Erica (0)
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Warwickshire
Izida's Ancient Magick

I am certified Reiki master, Crystal healing Theraphyst and Shaman-healer with a large more then 40-year experience. I live and practicing in Latvia.My spiritual journey has passed through Reiki, Siberian Shamanism, Buddhism, Wiccan, high magic, occult, V ...

izida (14 )
Latvia, Rigas raijons
Eolith Designs

Eolith:from the Greek eos, meaning dawn, and lithos, meaning stone.Eolith Designs' sculptures take their inspiration from the dawn and dusk of civilisations; from real and imagined histories, and the world of myth and legend. Bringing together things that ...

Eolithdesigns (0)
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Durham

Hand poured scented candles made on my kitchen table

Honeycakecandles (1 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Durham
Elgan Brujeria

Welcome to my new store on bMysitcI have 30+ years in the art of magick, and mainly I study the arts of the old ways.  Plus Greek, Norse, Germanic and Viking magickal castings.When purchasing castings there will be a binding that you will need to do. ...

ElganBrujeria (49 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Breconshire
Luna Sanctuary

Welcome! Do you need help? Let me cast a spell for you. Do you have a question? My dice will answer it. Do you have a question for a spirit, a dead relative, or someone else? Maybe I can get the answer for you.

AngelRose/Moondragon (4 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Middlesex

Welcome to our bMystic store for bespoke products

bMystic (14 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, West Midlands