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Enchanted Homes

Make your home Magickal with items from our Store

EnchantedHomes (0)
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, West Midlands

From oils to candles, clocks and bath salts we have numerous items in our store.Unfortunately due to postage restrictions we can only send out 'liquids' to the UK not Worldwide.But everything else we have listed is worldwide shipping

takeapeak (119 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Warwickshire
Egyptian Spell Castings and Healing

Hello my name is Constance and I practice the art of Egyptian Magick and Healing, I have been casting for over 25 years and I am always here to help.Love & LightConstance

Constance (85 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Cornwall
Knitting and Stitching

Knitting, Crochet + more

Knitting and Stitching (2 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Warwickshire

Welcome to our bMystic store for bespoke products

bMystic (16 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, West Midlands

A magical Kingdom where you can buy  Haunted & jinn ,candles, wands, djinn, spell bound jewelry and much more.

Avolon (6 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Suffolk

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3 card Past Present Future Reading

3 CARD TAROT READINGThis is a three card reading using Ellen Dugan's Witches Tarot, to look at the Past, Present and Future.  I've been reading the tar...

GBP 7.00
sekhmetscat52 (0)


Nursery décor, kids room, framed prints, good night, sleep tight

UK Shipping only - Customised

GBP 12.00


Book of the Witch Moon Chaos, Vampiric & Luciferian Sorcery - Michael W Ford

We always advise our neophytes and initiates NOT to wake the Elder Gods, knowing full well that the best of them will rise to the bait and do so. The darkside glamour exe...

USD 2.99
SacredFeather (5 )


Personalised Astrology Natal Birth Chart+Report - Printed + Comb-Bound 20+ pages posted + digital copy

I am a member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain. I have also been reading the tarot and runes for over 30 years, both in the UK and internationally. Repor...

GBP 50.00
sekhmetscat52 (0)