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A Witches BookShelf

A Witches BookShelf is a purveyor of fine Digital Witchcraft, Wicca, Pagan, Occult, Occultism, Spell books, Rare, Vintage, and Old Books

SacredFeather (5 )
United States, Oregon, Lakeview
Witchcraft and Spells

Welcome to Witchcraft and Spells, this is a sample of what I offer.  Please look on the site for more of my listings.

Witchcraft and Spells (344 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, West Midlands, Birmingham
Knitting and Stitching

Knitting, Crochet + more

Knitting and Stitching (2 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Warwickshire, Birmingham
Elgan Brujeria

Welcome to my new store on bMysitcI have 30+ years in the art of magick, and mainly I study the arts of the old ways.  Plus Greek, Norse, Germanic and Viking magickal castings.When purchasing castings there will be a binding that you will need to do. ...

ElganBrujeria (56 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Breconshire, Conwy

Welcome to our bMystic store for bespoke products

bMystic (17 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, West Midlands, northfield

From oils to candles, clocks and bath salts we have numerous items in our store.Unfortunately due to postage restrictions we can only send out 'liquids' to the UK not Worldwide.But everything else we have listed is worldwide shipping

takeapeak (122 )
United Kingdom/Northern Ireland, Warwickshire, Birmingham


Angel Tarot Celtic Cross Reading

Card 1: Present Card 2: Challenge Card 3: Distant Past Card 4: Recent Past Card 5: Best Outcome Card 6: Immediate Future Card 7: Factors Affecting the S...

USD 10.00
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PEPPERMINT AND CHOCOLATE FUDGE200gWe are a small family business established in 1989, using the finest raw ingredients go into making our fudge.we are able to make almo...

GBP 6.00
Janewood46 (1 )


Powerful Fifth Pentacle of Moon Bracelet. Protect against all perils and dangers by water, calms one in the event of natural phenomena

Α powerful pendant with Fifth Pentacle of Moon.A beautiful gift for you or your lover.Fifth Pentacle of Moon.It serveth to have answers in sleep. Its Angel Iachadiel ser...

USD 19.99
truewishes (58 )


Lavender Flower Tincture. Ρelaxes & soothes the mind, reduces emotional

Lavender Flower Tincture. ?elaxes & soothes the mind, reduces emotional A Greek witch was called a pharmakis, from which we have pharmacist and pharmacology. Their b...

USD 19.99
truewishes (58 )


St John's Wort Tincture. Anxiety tension neuralgias seasonal affective disorder

St John's Wort Tincture. For anxiety, tension, neuralgias, seasonal affective disorder, and indeed, mild to moderate depressionA Greek witch was called a pharmakis, ...

USD 19.99
truewishes (58 )