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Latvia, Rigas raijons
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POWERFUL MIGHTY CROCODILE SPIRIT VOODOO Shaman Amulet Talisman Animal Totem African Necklace izida haunted
Well what can i say its beautiful much better than i thought its working in a subtle way its fantastic , thank you for your comnunication and prompt delivery , you are a blessing , thank you so much
31.07.2018 23:16:19
Buyer: Ghost (4 )
BLACK DEMON GUARDIAN LIVING DJINN Powerful Extreme Potent Energy izida haunted
Once again i am amazed you post very promtly a beautiful piece , i felt him during the week and now my world is changing thank you so much you are a gem
28.07.2018 11:34:14
Buyer: Ghost (4 )
DEMON PERSONAL GUARDIAN Magickal Amulet Leather Pendant Necklace
I absolutely love my item. Not only is the pendant lovely, but I had an instant connection with my new demonic spirit. I have never felt such a bond before! Thank you so much. I am a very happy customer.
13.07.2018 02:36:28
Buyer: Koumori18 (1 )
BLUE MARID GOLD CLASS GRANTS WISHES DJINN Murano Glass Cork Bottle Necklace izida haunted
Well, I have to admit, this is not my first purchase from her, i really admire each piece of her art. All of them are helping and guiding me differently, but DOES work. thank you for helping us :)
22.06.2018 22:24:24
Buyer: lapislazuzi (4 )